Our Company, which works in the national and international markets since 1949, sensitized about the ballistic problems, as well in the civil field as in the military field, after long studies and experiments, has tasked a line of soft bullet-proofjackets to wear under shirt.

The advantage of a soft bullet proof-jacket are evident. Who wears a cloth which protects him from a ballistic offence, he does not show to the criminals his invulnerability.
So, he can operate secretely, feeling shure and comfortable in front of everyone.

Another advantage of our jackets is the possibility of driving avery kind of vehicols without any difficult in the mooves, because of the flexibility of the issue.
The ballistic protections guarranteed from the different layers (until 3 cm. from the borders) are those prooved from the "Banco Nazionale di Prova Italiano delle Armi da Fuoco Portatili" of Gardone Valtrompia, as the certificate n.531 dated 5-5-1992 (Hambiental conditions: Temp. 18°C.; Pressure 738 mm.Hg.; Humidity 66%).
Those prooves have been done at 5 m. of distance, putting the ballistic protection panel on a block of plastiline, measeuring the bullet's speed and strength and the depth of the mark left in the plastiline.

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